About DJ qUEEN


Originally from the Washington D.C area Courtney “Dj Queen” Key, Is a fresh new female Dj/Music Producer trying to break ground into her community as an advocate for body positivity and self-love. Courtney“Dj Queen” was born on March 28th 1991 during a time when women who took grunge and injected their own sense of vitriol and disaffectedness to make something as primal as the industry’s male counterparts.

Courtney “Dj Queen” began making music in 2012 which gave her the opportunity to complete tracks and or sound for local Indie Artist in her area such as “Chop Beatz” Mr Beatz is a huge community musical genius when it come to Dc’s popular creative music style “Go-Go”.  Between 2012 to present Courtney “Dj Queen” as also worked with the likes of Ashley Stewart stores, Torrid Stores and iconic Plus-Size dance groups such as NYC own Pretty Big Movement, Fat girls Dance and more.

 Recently relocating to Atlanta Courtney “Dj Queen” continues to push to become one of the top Plus-Size musical empire’s and female Dj’s who made a impact and change in the music industry when it comes to body shaming such as Melissa Vivian Jefferson better known to the public eye as “Lizzo”. Courtney “Dj Queen” Continues to encourage and build up the youth by showing them that when you put your mind to something, to never let anyone tell you it cant be done because of gender and or other factors.


An  Washigton D.C native, Courtney “Dj Queen” known for her amazing voice has been apart of Corporate and Non-Corporate events Hosting and making the crowed move!. Recently moving to Atlanta Courtney “Dj Queen” has been working on building her resume as an Emcee/Host for future oppertunites in Radio,Talk Shows and More!

Emcee/ Host Services now Available! Please contact us via email for pricing.


Corporate Partners

Ashley Steward,Boost Mobile, Microsoft